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Welcome to the Ozone Pure Oil.

Who are we?

Ozone Pure Oil is a registered Australian company that sources pure organic oils from primarily Australia and overseas for ozonation. We are based in Brunswick Heads, just north of Byron Bay in Northern NSW.

Ozonation is a process of adding activated oxygen to oil that can take up to several days or weeks to complete. The benefit of using ozonated oils on the skin is renowned worldwide as ozone is a natural anti-bacterial agent. Using ozone on the skin may promote rapid skin healing, hydration and clear acne. Ozone oils are wonderful for chemically sensitive people and are also good for pets as they contain no preservatives or chemical additives.

What do we do?

We currently ozonate several high quality oils and package our activated oxygen products for retail sales on line. We also do OEM manufacturing for beauty salons and cosmetic wholesalers. We invite enquiries for volume orders and we are established ozone technicians with qualifications recognised by industry standards.

Our Vision

Healing naturally is our mission statement and our pure ozone oils do just that with no toxins, nothing artificial or harmful to the skin.


Contact Info.

Ozone Pure Oil

PO Box 393
Brunswick Heads
NSW 2483

Phone: 1300 732 920
E-mail: info@ozonepureoil.com